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Ferventoys™ Shotgun Toy With Shell Ejection Rifle Blaster Safe toys for 15+

Ferventoys™ Shotgun Toy With Shell Ejection Rifle Blaster Safe toys for 15+

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  • Shell Ejection: Enhance with shell ejecting, after every shotting and reloading, the cartridge case will be thrown out, so you can get a real shotgun experience.
  • Two-barreled Shooting: Double barrel with three shooting modes are more varied in gameplay. Shoot both two darts or single one dart whatever you want while in the nerf battle game.
  • Easy Loading: Open the toy barrel by pushing the barrel release button, put the foam darts to the plastic shells, insert to the barrel, hit it off and pull the loading bolt under the handle to provide power.
  • Soft Foam Bullet: We have been committed to having fun and safety, so this toy gun is equipped with EVA sponge bullets, which increases the safety factor to the highest.
  • Perfect Gift: 1* toy blaster, 4* bullet casings, 20* foam soft bullets, 1* Scope. Full set and well package for the holiday or birthday gifts for 15+ year old boys.

The charm of throwing shells:

This toy guns is designed and manufactured with reference to the standard sawn off shotgun, which perfectly restores the shell-throwing feel.

The ejector shotgun is easy to use. You only need 4 quick steps to load: put the soft darts into the shell, push the barrel release button and load the shell, lock the barrel and select the fire model, pull down to load and shoot. When reloading, the cartridge cases will be thrown out.


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