15 Best City Building Blocks For Kids That Are Fun And Educational

15 Best City Building Blocks For Kids That Are Fun And Educational

Are you worried about enhancing your child’s intellectual & developmental capabilities? Lucky you! This comprehensive list of the best city building blocks can motivate you to create a playful bonding with your child as well as develop their motor skills.

Building blocks are effective learning tools for children of all ages. They create spatial awareness & hand-eye coordination while supporting cognitive development in your child. In addition, building blocks are always fun & help your child engage better with other kids. With these learning tools, your child wouldn’t have to worry about making new friends, as it’s also a tremendous communication-building tool.

So, if you’re looking for constructive building blocks, you’re at the right place!

15 Best City Building Blocks

1. Ferris Wheel Building Blocks

Ferris Wheel Blocks

The Ferris Wheel building blocks are a fun way to indulge children in various educational activities. This exciting amusement park series features 3 sets of play, including building blocks that turn into a Ferris wheel, a boat swing, or even bumper cars. The whole creative play set and scene-building elements spark creative imagination in your child.

Moreover, the toy encompasses multiple patterns & shapes that are easy to swing back & forth or spin depending on the scene. Overall, this Ferris wheel toy is innovative for children as it encourages learning combined with healthy playtime.

Age Recommendation: 6+ years
Number of Pieces: 1166 Pcs
Materials: ABS Plastic

2. Modern Coffee Shop Building Blocks

Modern Cafe MOC Building Blocks
The Modern Coffee Shop building blocks acquire an exquisite lighting design and a top-view display for teens. Now, children can build their cafes & make the most out of their time with friends. Moreover, this contemporary coffee shop comes with eight dolls & a garage helping your child develop excellent motor skills.

The best part is that this toy provides a practical concept & feels similar to an authentic café. So if your child wants to become a chef or an owner of a coffee shop in the future, there is no need to look further! The modern coffee shop building blocks are the right way to follow their career path.

Age Recommendation: 14+ years
Number of Pieces: 2566 Pcs
Materials: ABS Plastic

3. Light Container Ballroom Building Blocks

Container Ballroom Blocks Set
The Light Container Ballroom building blocks are the perfect tools to boost the mental & physical capabilities of your child. This exciting play set comes with colorful shapes & unique pieces for your child to mix & match the way they want. Moreover, kids can follow proper instructions through its paper manual to achieve the ultimate look.

In addition, these building blocks are a simple way to develop your child’s coordination by stacking blocks together to build a container ballroom. Also, it makes an excellent educational gift for kids of all groups.

Age Recommendation: 14+ years
Number of Pieces: 1489 Pcs
Materials: ABS

4. Modern Club Bar Building Blocks

Building Blocks Model Toys
Is your child tired of boring puzzle games? The Modern Club Bar building blocks are another fantastic option offering high-quality design & creative elements. It’s perfect for polishing your child’s creative & real-life skills. Plus, they can enjoy their playtime with friends & showcase their productivity at the same time.

The modern club building blocks include two-way sliding doors, telescopic awning, characters & windows that are easy to open & close. With these crafty pieces, you can develop different spots like a clubroom and locate the doll pieces wherever you want.

Age Recommendation: 14+ years
Number of Pieces: 3622 Pcs
Materials: ABS

5. Fishing Store Building Blocks

Old Fishing Store Building Set
Looking for conceptual building toys for your kids? The Fishing Store building comes with an incredible design that incorporates assorted elements with a fish cabin, weapon house, bedroom door, & house gate. Further, the detailed exterior of the fishing store helps children learn more effectively.

If you’re looking for a different idea for your kids, this toy offers distinctive pieces to build the perfect little fish store for your children.

Age Recommendation: 12+ years
Number of Pieces: 2450 Pcs
Materials: ABS Plasti

6. Medieval Blacksmith Building Kit

Medieval Blacksmith Building block sets
Another fun & attractive option for your kids is the Medieval Blacksmith Building Kit, which is eco-friendly & made with high-quality material. Moreover, the classic shop model is safe for children over 12 years & allows them to use their imagination to their fullest potential.

With the use of a complete paper guide, your children can assemble the blocks easily & build a great blacksmith shop in no time.

Age Recommendation: 12+ years
Number of Pieces: 2366 Pcs
Materials: ABS

7. Mushroom House Building Blocks

Mushroom House Building Set
The Mushroom House block encourages children creative play among children and enables them to spend quality time with their friends. The best part is that this toy comes with easy-to-install parts allowing your children to assemble & disassemble them efficiently.

This garden tree features a classic red color design with lights, windows, bridges, water blocks, & doors. It’s the ideal addition to your child’s toy collection. Moreover, the building blocks are highly compatible with other creative building sets.

Age Recommendation: 12+ years
Number of Pieces: 2633 Pcs
Materials: ABS

8. Ferventoys Budokan Sakura Tree Build Blocks

Budokan Sakura Tree Building Kit
The Budokan Sakura Tree building blocks provide high parent-child interaction & safety at their best. With these crafty puzzle pieces, you can engage your child in a fun learning activity and let their creative juices flow throughout the play session. The innovative play set comes with various shapes & matching dolls to enhance your child’s practical skills.

Overall, this unique Sakura building block set contains a unique structure & advanced features that make it an interesting learning tool for kids.

Age Recommendation: 12+ years
Number of Pieces: 2288 Pcs
Materials: ABS

9. Ferventoys Flower Street Hotel Build Blocks

Ferventoys Flower Street Hotel Build Blocks
Another beautiful addition to your kid’s toy collection is the Flower Street Hotel play set with a triple-layer design. The first floor covers the kitchen, the middle integrates an exquisite cottage, & the top floor includes a rooftop area. The hotel scene also features a comfortable bed, bathroom, & an open-air garden.

The Flower Street Hotel is one of the best options for your kids as it’s versatile & visually pleasing.

Age Recommendation: 8+ years
Number of Pieces: 1953 Pcs
Materials: ABS

10. Ferventoys Girl Apartment Series Build Blocks

Ferventoys Girl Apartment Series Build Blocks
The Girl Apartment Series building blocks feature miniature dolls, table ornaments, & other elements for scene building. The dynamic design structure builds creativity & improves the hands-on ability of your child. This toy accommodates multiple rooms for miniatures to exercise, sing, paint, or perform experiments.

Further, the toy series help your children learn more about their talents while playing. So, if you’re looking for an all-rounder game for your kids, the Girl Apartment Series is your safest bet.

Age Recommendation: 6+ years
Number of Pieces: AI Science Room- 118 pcs- Gym Room 112 pcs- Art room 108 pcs- Vocal room 113 pcs
Materials: ABS

11. Royal Bay Castle Building Blocks

building block castle
From quality to texture details, the Royal Bay Castle building blocks incorporate a remarkable design with a sophisticated look. It’s an actual recreation of a royal castle & demonstrates a careful selection of durable materials. The sturdy blocks come in a variety of shapes & patterns for children to improve their hand-eye coordination & thinking ability.

Another great feature of the Royal Bay toy set is that children can play it in 3 different forms, such as expanded form, positive form, & merged form. Your kids can easily open or close the ring door or even launch fire from the turrets. Overall, it’s an amazing learning tool with an optimal structure & design.

Age Recommendation: 14+ years
Number of Pieces: 4168 Pcs
Materials: ABS

12. Monet Flower House Build Blocks

Monet flower house building set
The Monet Flower House represents the true beauty of a Monet Garden with colorful flowers & plants. Your children will fall in love with this particular play set as it delivers a joyful feel & touch. The intriguing design & simple features enable kids to enjoy a comfortable experience while building gardening concepts.

It’s also a great inspiration for kids who want to explore & learn about various flowers & plants in the world. This toy will help them understand better by joining all the pieces together & watching the flower house bloom in its full swing.

Age Recommendation: 6+ years
Number of Pieces: 867 Pcs
Materials: ABS

13. Cherry Tree House Building Blocks

sakura tree house minecraft
Made from the finest materials, the Cherry Tree House building blocks are the best city building blocks for kids. The blocks are easy to assemble or disassemble & are available in a variety of colors, shapes, & patterns. Further, the design has an attached balcony, a set of stairs, a flower bush, & a fishing area.

Another notable feature of this cool Sakura tree is its matching mini figures that are adjustable depending on the player’s creativity. Whether your child wants to have fun or learn, this play set is worth all the time & money.

Age Recommendation: 12+ years
Number of Pieces: 2242 Pcs
Materials: ABS

14. Golf Resort Course Modular Building Blocks

Golf Resort Building Blocks
If you want your child to become a sports enthusiast, The Golf Course Resort Modular building blocks are the right choice to go for! The efficient & high-quality design combined with durability offers your child a safe & playful environment. It helps kids develop cognitive skills by understanding the aspects of an actual golf course.

In addition, the brilliant colors, patterns, & shapes unlock the creative imagination of your child & enable them to take an interest in sports.

Age Recommendation: 12+ years
Number of Pieces: 3022 Pcs
Materials: ABS

15. Titanic 3D Micro Building Blocks

titanic building blocks
The Titanic Building Blocks are one of the best educational toys you can give to a child. The children can enjoy the experience of developing an entire cruise ship while improving their critical thinking skills. The toy set includes various shapes of different sizes & colors for your kids to have a good time with their friends.

Also, the high-quality building blocks encompass a durable & eco-friendly material which is easy to assemble or disassemble during the play session.

Age Recommendation: 12+ years
Number of Pieces: 4404 Pcs
Materials: ABS

What skills do kids learn from building blocks? What are the educational implications?

The research-based study- Social Skills: Laying the Foundation for Success mentioned the benefits of block play and how it encourages social skills development among children. It’s an essential learning material that promotes ‘cooperative play’ & helps children learn how to deal with competitive situations.

Moreover, block play develops creativity, mathematical thinking, critical thinking, & interpersonal skills in children. As all the kids love to solve puzzles, it enhances their problem-solving skills. Moreover, children learn to share & take turns which enables them to develop new friendships & express themselves better.

From an educational perspective, these building blocks are effective for motor development & proper physical growth of a child from an early age. Thus, they are powerful learning tools that promote various types of development in kids, such as,

  • Fine motor skills,
  • Spatial awareness,
  • Cognitive ability,
  • Hand-eye coordination,
  • Social competence,
  • Empathy,
  • Language skills,
  • Problem-solving,
  • Creativity,
  • Critical thinking,
  • Engineering skills

So, why not let your kids try a building block challenge every day while encouraging fun & learning simultaneously?


Building blocks is an interactive game that benefits children of all age groups. With this comprehensive list of the best city building blocks, your child can learn the importance of building large projects from start to finish.

As a parent, combining block play with a little role play or story time can also help your child communicate better with you. Make sure you let your child engage in spatial talk and regularly give them a new challenge for early childhood development.

So, if you are looking for a good block set, Please consider buying from a reliable and professional company or supplier.

A team of professional toy enthusiasts like Ferventoys, working with over 20 toy brands and manufacturers, can defend your interests and bring you low-cost, high-quality, well-designed toys.

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