Scorpion Gel Ball Blaster

Best DIY of Ferventoys Scorpion Gel Ball Blaster

We are going to introduce you a successful retrofit case with Scorpion Gel Ball Blaster from a professional Gel Ball Blaster Master from the United States today. Due to his profession, he has access to a variety of guns on the market, from different brands and models, and he can always make good use of these guns and a large number of parts to assemble and modify guns to create All kinds of new and cool guns, today we will introduce one of his many transformations---- The reform with Ferventoys Scorpion Gel Ball Blaster.

Let's take a look at the modified gun first.

Classic Ferventoys Scorpion Gel Ball Blaster

First of all, we can clearly see that this mod is bigger than any blaster on the market because it is made from multiple brands of firearms and various parts. Just by looking at the surface, you can tell that the largest part in the middle of this gun is a blue scorpion blaster from ferventoys, and the other handle is part of another brand of Glock gun. The creator emphasizes that this is not a waste. This is a completely damaged Glock, a useless gun, no waste


In addition to this, we can also see some other parts that the creator has, including some parts for other gun types, including various pistol handles, barrels, some lasers, scopes, some plastic rails, including some that can The bolts that the accessories are attached to inside, etc

The creator also used some tools, the main tools are glue, super glue, black spray paint, glue gun, screwdriver, wire cutters, nail nose, hacksaw, ruler, electrical tape.

What did the creators do to extend the gun? First, he had a lot of barrels of different lengths, and he found the right length and size of inner and outer barrels to fit the Scorpion blaster. The author wants to extend the part to have the effect of free sliding. First, let's take a look at the expansion effect of the first part.


The second is the extension of the second half, the principle is the same as the first half. At the same time, the creators painted the front and rear extensions black to make the color more even and look more beautiful.


It is also worth noting that the creators emphasize that this modification does not require any drilling or damage to the equipment. Only a small amount of glue and electrical tape are used for bonding, which makes people wonder if these parts are really stable.

The answer is: of course. The secret weapon is the rails glued to the three sides of the barrel. This is a plastic rail 3D printed by the author himself. He glued the rails to the sides and bottom of the gun and barrel, then used buttons to attach the fittings to the rails. Including the other handle, laser and scope, all attached to the gun and barrel in this way, is actually quite stable.


In the second half of the gun, in order to make the gun more stable, the creator drilled a hole of the right size through the ranging, and inserted a bolt to fix it. The bolts are made of plastic and are wrapped with a small amount of electrical tape on the outside, which has no effect on the appearance.



Overall, this modded blaster has been very successful, and there is no doubt that the creators have finally shown us a cool gun. The modified blaster can be restored to its original state at any time. It's not an easy thing to do, but the creators have done it. Use a variety of blasting guns. For ordinary players, it is difficult to have such conditions, but the idea of change is still worth learning from.

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