Return & Refund Policy


Any product you purchase from is covered by our straightforward Returns & Refund Policy. From the day you receive your order you are covered by our Returns & Refund Policy for 30 days!

  • If you received a product that ended up being defective or appears quality issues within 30 days you will be covered by our warranty, refund, or free replacement service.
  • If you changed your mind within 7 days, we'll provide a return address for you to send your products in like-new condition with all parts, accessories, tags, labels, etc. back to us. which is eligible for a refund for the cost of the products
  • Please allow 1-3 business days for our customer service team to process your return request.
  •  Money will be backed to your account after we receive the return and the return inspection is approved within 3-7 days.
  • Refunds issued are for the cost of products only and Restocking fees, return-to-sender fees, or other applicable fees are the responsibility of the customer.
  • About return handing fee: we can accept a refund with no handling fee.
  • If the product is delivered successfully, we default that the customer has received the goods. If there is any problem with your shipment Ferventoys glad to assist to claim from the carrier company.
Who will pay for the shipping fee for the return
  • Ferventoys will bear the shipping freight for returns that are caused by products that arrived with quality problems or are defective. 
  • For return & refund not caused by product problems, the freight is borne by the customer.
    When will l receive my refund?
    • Refunds will be refunded to the original payment account. Paypal generally 1-3 working days, and credit card generally 5-10 working days which varies from different banks. Contact your card-issuing bank for questions about when to credit your account.
    • If you haven't received a credit for a return, please do the following: Contact your bank/credit card company. It may take some time for the refund to be posted to your account.

    The following will void your warranty and ability to return an item:

    • Attempting to disassemble, upgrade, repair, or alter the product in any way. This includes the removal of the tip, and any warning/safety labels or markings.
    • Due to the nature and use of gel blaster products external damage and/or wear and tear are not covered under the warranty of any product.
    • Batteries that are not charged using a smart charger are not covered under warranty. A smart charger is required to safely charge all batteries.
    • Garments or Tactical Gear/Apparel that is soiled or missing its original tags. Soiled garments or those with tags removed will not be accepted under any circumstance and can be returned to the buyer at the buyer's expense. We will attempt to contact you via the email address provided on the order. If we are unable to get a response, any items that cannot be returned or are refused by the customer will be treated as abandoned and will be discarded by our staff without issuing a refund.


    • Due to the nature of limited edition and pre-order exclusives, and to ensure we manufacture the correct quantity of the item, we do not process cancellations for these orders. 
    • However, our return, exchange, and warranty policies still apply to pre-orders and limited edition exclusives.
    • Pre-Order items are expected to arrive at our warehouse within 2-4 weeks. This timeline is usually accurate but delays can occur so this is not guaranteed.


    • By purchasing anything from, you certify that you understand that it is your responsibility to know the local, state, and federal laws concerning the products you are purchasing.
    • You also verify that you have read and agree to any of Ferventoys's policies. The buyer/consumer who purchases from Ferventoys is responsible for informing themselves of all local and state laws.
    • Additionally, any person who purchases from our website is responsible for reviewing and accepting all terms and conditions set forth on
    • Once your order online or phone order is completed, the customer releases Ferventoys of all liability related to acknowledgment of terms and conditions, policies, and product use liability.
    • The consumer is also responsible for reviewing and informing themselves of all product warranty terms and exclusions to such terms as provided. 

    All fraudulent chargebacks are investigated and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    • If you need to cancel your order we can do so if it has not already been shipped. We strive to fulfill orders as quickly as possible and have automated certain steps on approved orders to achieve this. In many cases, the order can be canceled before shipping. However, the order may be shipped before we receive and process your request. In that case, a return request must be submitted. If an order has already partially or completely shipped you can request a return address from our Customer Service team and the return shipping cost will be borne by the customer. Cancellation requests received before any packages have shipped will not incur any additional restocking fees.
    • All canceled orders will be immediately refunded once the cancellation has been confirmed and all potential in-transit items have been returned to their originating shipping location (i.e. our warehouses).  We do our best to issue refunds as quickly as possible on our end.


    Due to the impact, COVID-19 has had on the shipping industry, all delivery dates are estimates and are subject to change. Please understand this before placing your order.

    * For the refund address, kindly contact for instructions on the return address. If you have other questions, you can contact us at