Do Gel Blasters Hurt? Gel Blaster Safety Guidelines (2023 Update)

Do Gel Blasters Hurt? Gel Blaster Safety Guidelines (2023 Update)

Safety is a key concern for first-time gel blaster enthusiasts and parents who want to buy their kids gel blasters.

If you’re curious about gel blaster safety, whether gel ball hits hurt, and how much they hurt, this blog will answer these and other questions about gel blaster safety. We shall also look at some safety guidelines everyone should follow to ensure safer gel-blasting gameplay.

Do Gel Blasters Hurt

Let’s start by answering the question that brought you to this blog: do gel blasters hurt?

Do Gel Blasters Hurt? Here’s the Truth

According to NPR, the TikTok-famous “orbeez gun challenge,’ is causing concerns in the US, especially in Florida and Georgia, where police officers have noted that some people are taking the fun too far by shooting at people in the street.

With such news features becoming so common, it is only fair to wonder: do gel blasters hurt, and if they do, how much do they hurt compared to other shooting toy guns?

Well, let’s answer that:

How Much Do Gel Blasters Hurt
The truth is that gel blasters hurt, but how much depends on many factors, including modifications, the blaster’s capacity, shot distance, etc.

According to some players, the pain caused by gel balls hit is a like slight, bearable ‘zing.’

Many have said that a gel ball hit strike like a rubberband snap. Others have described a close-range gel ball hit as ‘feels like a strong pinch.’

Gel Blaster Reviews

This pain or ‘zing’ is bearable enough to make gel blasters fun because it adds to the exhilaration while keeping things safe, eco-friendly, and mess-free.

However, and this is very important, various factors can influence how much a gel ball hit hurts.

For example, shooting a shirtless person on the chest with gel balls at close range is likely to hurt more than shooting a covered chest from further away.

Additionally, shooting someone in the face, close to the eyes, ears, forehead, or any other pain and injury-prone area like the groin is likely to hurt more–and also cause more damage–which is why it’s important to practice safe gameplay.

Overall, the gel balls shot by gel blasters do not cause much pain; thus, many locations, including the US, consider them safe toys for kids.

To give you an idea of how bearable the pain is, check out this video of Houston James conducting an extreme experiment where he had his friend shoot him in the chest with 3000 gel balls at close range.

CAUTION: Jame’s case is an extreme experiment for entertainment and educational purposes: DO NOT TRY IT AT HOME!

Please do not shoot yourself or your friends in the chest with gel balls. Remember that gel blasters are fun toys, not weapons.

However, this experiment should tell you that in normal safe gameplay, gel blasters are safe, and gel ball hits are bearable, with just enough sting to make gameplay fun and exhilarating for everyone, kids and adults alike.

Furthermore, it is always important to practice the “safety first rule,” teach kids how to practice safe gameplay, and supervise them to ensure they practice the most important gel blaster safety guidelines we shall discuss later in this guide.

To recap:
Shots from gel blasters and gel balls hurt. However, in safe gameplay, the zing of the shot is bearable and unlikely to cause any noticeable damage to the skin.

Now that you know gel blasters are safe and what a gel ball hit feels like, let’s discuss some other safety-related gel blasters topics you should know to ensure safer gameplay with your friends, kids, or even loved ones.

How do gel blasters and gel balls work that make them safe?

If you’ve ever played with a toy gun, you know nothing beats the thrill of firing bullets, which is why shooting games are so popular: they simulate gunplay while keeping things safe.

But what exactly is a gel blaster, and what makes this toy safe over other shooting toys like airsoft guns?

Here are a couple of things as noted by Wikipedia:

The design

As we’ve discussed before on our blog, gel blasters are toy guns that shoot out water-based gel balls. Gel blasters work very similarly to airsoft guns; however, gel blasters are different from airsoft guns, better, safer, and more environmentally friendly.

For example, gel blasters are similar to airsoft guns because they use pressurized air. However, they have a lower muzzle velocity, making them safer to play with and good to have around the home because of the reduced chance of property damage.

On the other hand, gel balls are non-toxic and environmentally friendly because of the non-toxic, non-irritating, non-staining, and biodegradable starch-based material used to make them.

This makes gel blasters and the balls they fire out safer for children and adults alike, especially because they disintegrate upon impact, leaving no mess, something we can’t say with other shooting toys.

Non-toxic gel balls

How hard does a gel blaster hit/shoot?

As we’ve already mentioned, the truth is that how hard a gel blaster hits/shoots depends on various factors.

For example, some of our gel blaster models have the highest possible firing rating, shooting range, and power, while our beginner-level kits have a medium-level fire rating.

Gel Blaster Shooting Rating


Other things that can affect how hard a gel blaster shoots or hits include the quality of your ammunition, the condition of your blaster, and the make and model.

Okay, now you know how much gel blasters hurt, how hard they hit, and what about them and gel balls make them such a safe and fun gun toy.

As you may have noted severally, safe gameplay is the key to having the most fun with gel blasters, so let’s focus on a few key guidelines you can use to ensure safe gel-blasting gameplay.

Gel Blaster Safety Guidelines For Safe Gameplay

In a gel blaster blog published on Checkup Newsroom, Dan Guzman, a pediatric emergency physician at Cook Children’s Medical Center, notes that every ball blaster enthusiast or owner can take the following safety guidelines to reduce the risk of injury.

Safety Recommendation Why it matters
Wear protective eyewear. A visor and goggles are a must-have for gel blasting and any sporting activity involving contact with objects that might fly at your face. All Ferventoys gel blasters come with protective gear.
Wear protective clothing. You should wear long-sleeved clothes and pants to protect yourself from potential injury from direct-to-skin hits.
Change your mindset. Because of how real they are, change your mindset, treat your gel blaster like a real gun, and use it responsibly. For example, do not aim your gel blaster at someone’s head or face.
Adult supervision is a MUST for kids. Kids, especially younger ones, should only play with gel blasters with adult supervision. This is the best way to ensure they play in the designated areas and follow safe gameplay rules.
Avoid playing in dark or low-visibility rooms. Remember that playing with gel blasters in a dark or lowly-lit area makes it difficult to see and be aware of what’s happening around you as you play the game. This can increase the chances of injury.
Do a safety check. Before firing your gel blaster, conduct a safety check on the barrel and other components to eliminate the chance of jamming, which can be a safety hazard.
Use suitable or recommended gel balls. Soak your gel balls for the specified time using the specified water quantity, and try to use only the recommended gel balls.

The ideal size of a gel ball is 7-8mm but follow the instructions on your gel blaster and gel balls package. Soak your balls for the specified time using the specified water quantity, and try to use only the recommended gel balls.
Read about gel blaster laws and regulations in your area before buying one. Before purchasing a gel blaster, check to see if laws in your local area allow it. Some states and local jurisdictions restrict the sale of gel blasters, so be sure to check that.
Regularly maintain your gel blaster. Ensure that the gun is regularly maintained. Gel blasters are usually used for a few hours at a time and then put away, so it’s essential to ensure that the moving parts of your gel blaster are working correctly. If you see signs of wear or tear after using your gel blaster for an extended period, try replacing any worn-out parts with new ones before using them again.
Teach kids about gel blaster dangers.  Parents and guardians must teach kids the importance of treating a gel blaster like a real gun. That’s the best way to teach them how to play with gel blasters safely.


From everything we have discussed concerning gel blaster safety, now you know how much gel blasters hurt and some other key safety guidelines worth considering.

The only thing left is to go out there and have some super-duper gel-blasting fun with your kids, friends, and family.

If you’re looking for the next gel blaster to add to your collection or to give to your kids, remember to check out our wide range of gel blasters for all levels: starter, intermediate, and pro.

We’re sure you’ll find something you like.

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