How to Soak the Gel Balls Properly? No Mess


Adrenaline-filled, competitive play doesn’t need to be messy! Ferventoys Gel Blaster is an advanced blaster with no mess or clean-up technology, meaning you can battle indoor, outdoor, anywhere you want.

The most common problem for new users with all gel blasters is that the gel balls are not soaked in a proper method.

If not soaked in a proper method, you may confront such a situation, that is, you can hear the motor going and spinning, the water bombs are also tumbling in the magazine, but nothing shoots out.

And now, many people may ask how to fix it when the blaster isn't shooting out gel balls?

There are two instructions you can follow:

1. There may be broken beads inside the mag, you would try to shake the mag hard to get the broken bullets out, and then do some shooting with the gel blaster again.

2. Before shooting, you need to press the eject button of the mag first, until the gel balls are ejected from the ejection port, so as to avoid the situation of empty bullets. If there is, please try to soak them in warm water until the beads are soaked to 7-8mm.

And how to soak the gel balls properly?

After several attempts, we find out the best way to soak the beads, that is, soaking in HOT/WARM water for 3-4 hours to achieve the best effect (7-8mm).

Also, there are some tips about gel balls you should notice:

1. We advise that once the beads have soaked, you should use them at once, and if you use them after a while, you should add more water.

2. Don't mix beads, get stuck easily.

3. Don't mix with other brands to use, it will affect the launch effect.

Here is the video and you can have a direct understanding of what we mentioned above:

Sincerely hope we can help you solve the problems, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

                                                                               --Ferventoys Support Team

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