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The Best Summer Camp Group Activity in 2022

When the summer holidays roll around, it's a challenging time for parents as kids will be at home all day and they need to stay engaged or else they will get lazy and spend most of their time playing PSP or watching TV.


However, summer is the best time for outdoor activities, especially for the kids, since that's when most schools are off, it's the best way to get them involved creatively. The easiest way is outdoor activities. With these fun activities, kids will stay creatively engaged and away from their phones.


If you’re looking for a fun activity that can work for kids who enjoy outdoor games, please check out this guide.

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In recent years, as Gel Blaster toy guns have become more popular on TikTok, it has become very popular outdoor and family games. The topic of Gel Blaster is constantly being detonated on Tiktok. The number of videos with the hashtag #GEL Blaster is high, and videos with more than 10 million views directly enter the toy gun video playback chart. Gel Blaster is frequently mentioned in posts on topics such as gifts, summer vacation, parent-child interaction, and birthdays. Gel Blaster is so popular because it is so much fun.

Gel Blaster toy guns

This guide will introduce you to some interesting game ways to enjoy the fun of it.

Parent-child Interactive Game

Parents want to make sure their children have a pleasant holiday. Children love to go to the beach in the summer for swimming, to play freely on the beach, and to play with the Gel Blaster against other children. It will be more fun for the children, and this kind of time is desirable for the parents.It is also possible to have family members cooperate to defeat other teams. Isn't this a great way to bring family members together?

Gel Blaster

Outdoor Shooting Game

One of the most popular games among the youth and children of Gel Blaster Toy Guns and a great summer camp activity is shooting game. One person will be in charge of monitoring the game and placing different colored gun targets in different locations outdoors. The task of the participants is to shoot different colored gun targets according to the instructions. A fun and exciting game that focuses on hand-eye coordination.

Ferventoys™ Scorpion Gel Ball Blaster

Team Competition with Gel Blaster Toy Guns

This particular outdoor game is both fun and educational and is perfect for children. Divide the kids into groups to simulate army competitions by shooting with Gel Blaster Guns. Throughout the game, kids need to use strategy and learn how to cooperate with team members to achieve the ultimate victory. It is also possible to have family members cooperate to defeat other teams. Isn't this a great way to bring family members together?

Gel Blasters Battle Game Modes

Gel  blaster battle game is a very popular project recently, loved by teenagers, soon to the children's summer vacation time, many parents will spend a period of time with their children to spend summer vacation, children like to play Gel-Blaster, but directly go to the outdoor playground to play water gun games or go to the indoor playground, the price will be very expensive, on time billing makes parents feel headaches, it is difficult for children to have enough fun.

Gel  blaster battle game
Gel  blaster battle game Price & Services

If you want to keep the kids entertained for the least amount of money, I suggest you pick up the  Gel Blaster at the Ferventoys.  Ferventoys is a brand specializing in the development and sale of Gel Blaster Toy Guns. There are a variety of styles of gel blaster guns for you to choose from, and we also recommend different styles according to different ages. No need to worry about it hurting our bodies or having to worry about cleaning up after a game. Our bullets are water bombs that explode automatically when they come into contact with an object. and made of eco-friendly, no-mess, and natural materials.

Ferventoys Gel Blaster Toy Guns

What's more, there are also group deals now. Ferventoys has a large number of gel guns to choose from, group purchase prices are lower, we receive customers with large orders with the greatest discount. Group buying can save you even more money.On the product page, you can learn about various detailed promotions. Let's enjoy this safe, fun, and super affordable game. 

Ferventoys™ R99 Splatter Ball Gun

You can buy gel blaster with neighbors in your community,Then the kids can play together on the weekends and start a gel blaster game anytime as long as there is a suitable venue, like a Gel-Blaster mobile party. It perfect for backyard parties, church events, summer camp & after-school clubs, family reunions, and anytime you want kids to have safe, exciting fun. You can tap into the friends of your child, families in the community or at church, families you know through your day job. Family reunions and other gatherings work too; it doesn’t have to be a birthday party! Holiday parties and end of school parties are also big opportunities.

Gel Ball Blaster Game Party

Let's enjoy this safe, fun, and super affordable game!!!

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