What Do You Know about Ferventoys Gel Ball Blaster?

If you enjoy playing shooting games, Ferventoys Gel Ball Blaster is a good choice cuz it is designed with the aim to provide the best real experience of firearms.

Ferventoys gel ball blasters are made primarily from plastic but they are well built and pretty solid. Designed the gel blaster into three modes: Pistol mode, Aiming mode, Sniper mode, which aims to give players different feelings when shooting.

Unlike other brands of Gel Blaster, Ferventoys Gel Blaster has a sight to improve shooting accuracy and is equipped with a silencer to reduce shooting sound. Also, a shoulder mount to reduce the impact of the shooting.

Gel Ball Blaster Three Modes In One

There is a very crucial point about the magazines. Ferventoys Team tested many gel blasters of other brands and found that their magazines were leaking, so designed a special magazine, which is divided into two parts, the upper part is for the gel balls, the lower part is used to drain the excess water.

Gel Balls

The gel balls are affordable and safe. Gel balls are the game that you don’t have to worry about being hurt, cuz gel balls are made of biodegradable materials and simply evaporate after use. This means no clean-up inside or outside the house when playing.

It is true that a gel blaster game is one of the most secured games but not wearing the guards to protect yourself is the worst part of the game. Wearing protective glasses prevents your eyes from being hit by gel balls.

It‘s time to bring the battle to the backyard, go out of your house and enjoy playing the Ferventoys Gel Ball Blasters with your friends and families!!

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