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"These here are a pair of Gel Ball Blaster Guns. They shoot Gel Pellets that are filled with water! Alternative to Paintballing, these little pellets do sting (nothing where it'll leave welts but you'll feel them!). A lot of fun especially if you get a group going! Load up to 500 gel pellets in one magazine! Battery powered (included) which lasts 4-5 hours! "——By The Khan Life
"First off thank you ferventoys toys for sending us both of then FULL AUTO Gel Blasters, they rock! Second, all you xfox fans out there know we love our gel blasters because the cost to shoot them is so low! "——By XFoxGames  
"With just enough sting to make it exciting, the SS21 Gel Blaster provides hours of active and adrenaline pumping fun. Minimal Mess. Minimal Clean Up. Maximum Fun."——By Reviews & Videos By Chris
“And wow is this thing fun” ——By Busters2005   
“This Scorpion Sub Machine Gel Blaster is a super cool blaster that anyone can have a, well, "BLAST" with!!! ”——By NTL Vlogs