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What's the Difference between Ferventoys Gel Ball Blasters?

Hi, guys. I had used every  Ferventoys gel blaster lately. So I will just talk about their difference simply.

First comes with the classic version Scorpion.

This is the most popular water gun from Ferventoys and the first blaster they start to sell.

Classic Ferventoys Scorpion Gel Ball Blaster


This gun comes with a cross hairs and two accessory adapter tracks.Three different modes: sniper model aiming model pistol model.Bullets are popped out from the round drum magazine down to up. Fully automatic sub-machine gun, with a long folding butt, is based on the scorpion vz61.

Ferventoys™ Scorpion Gel Ball Blaster

This Scorpion is been booming hot at tiktok and Youtube and other Social platform, people love this fun gel blaster gun,therefore you can see a great deal of review video on Youtube and tiktok,also was recommended by lots of influencers and customers.

Let figure out why this gel blaster getting so hot on tiktok.

By watching different videos and used by myself,I am thinking there are 3 points make it so hot. First and foremost,it's a very nice replica toy gun of the VZ16 with a long stretchable butt and a silencer which make the gun seems to be big and long,make it suitable for adult and kid, but by research the company cancel the silencer recently Second, this gun comes with a drum magazine a grid and a cross sight for modify the gun that was pretty cool.last but no least this gun comes with an appropriate price,about sixty bucks by using the discount code.

About the specification,the shooting range is about 65ft, and the FPS can reach about 130 under the best state of the battery. More details pls check about LordDraconical’s youtube channel .


The second gun comes with the UZI Gel blaster.

This uzi gun comes with a single accessory fitting track comes with a spare supplementary magazines and a buckle lash which make it easy to carry so that people can bring them out easily,also the UZI equipped with a shorter butt. Shorter gun body, easy to carry.As a submachine gun the UZI have three model same as the Scorpion sniper model aiming model pistol model.


About The UZI Splatter Ball Blaster
Ferventoys™ UZI Splatter Ball Gun


I had shooting fun with this UZI gel blaster cuz it was really handful and easy to put into my back and the most important reason is the uzi comes with a back up clip can be equipped,this was cool that I can fill my beads when I am in a gel fighting game quickly which others have to reload the magazine.

About the power, I supposed it was very close with the Scorpion gel blaster.


The third gun is the PP-19 Gel Blaster.



Ferventoys™ PP-19 Gel Blaster
pp19 Version Gel Ball Blaster

PP-19 this one was pretty cool hum.The PP-19 have the same way pops up the bullets with Scorpion from bottom to the top.With a manual shooting mode and automatic firing mode,I can make a lot of fun a whole day long.Also there is a big foldable butt with a fixed buckle make it the size was not that big for carry.The gun comes with a 4 time scope, it seems cool and really can work something thus you can just holding the magazine and aiming to your friends that was a absolutely a funny sniping game.

About the power I thing actually it is also close to the the Scorpion.

One thing must to be mentioned is the manual mode of this pp-19 that you have to load the bullet quickly or you will shoot nothing, I spent  sometimes to figure it out,It was because the speed you pushing the bolt should be quick as the machine did, If you push it slowly and the beads popped up to the tube will fall back to the magazine.

And right here is my favorite one on gel blaster.

This  pistol and sub-machine gun with a accessory rack (four accessory tracks available) With amazing speed of firing I suppose it should be more than 10 or even more beads per second, and longer shooting distance about 70ft and can be  matched with more accessories, and this 2 in 1 just about 50 bucks by using discount code.Therefore I thing this 2 in 1 pistol comprehensive more play-ability.


Ferventoys™ 2 in 1 Splatter Ball Gun

I am grateful to ferventoys who sent me the latest gun expected to be available in late May.

 It is a weapon on the game APEX like the img below


ferventoys - Gel Ball Blaster

The R99 comes with an infrared scope and a front grip and has a retractable gun butt.

Ferventoys™ R99 Splatter Ball Gun

The gun is highly modifiable. When I first took in the hand feel a little light, and thought about it will be other submachine blaster, but it is not. With upgraded motor the R99 gel blaster can shoot more far than other submachine blaster, although the rate of fire is not fast as the 2 in 1 pistol, but which means this gun magazine can be sustainable use longer. A full magazine can be empty in minutes due to the fast shooting speeds the 2 in 1 pistol.

I think the above 5 gun is suitable for even adults or kids base on the the weight,price and power and others.

So it is time to talk about two guns for beginner and starter.M416 and USP45 pistol.

Entry level: This usp45 gel blaster comes with a infrared and there are six color for choice which is a good choice for beginners to first into the water bullet gun. His accessory fixtures can work with ferventoys laser and flashlight set.

USP45 Orbeez Blaster


Ferventoys™ USP45 Orbeez Blaster



This M416 gel blaster relatively simple and a integrated gun without too many assemble accessories. The whole at the trigger is kind of tiny, people with big fingers will be more difficult to hold or press the trigger, so this m416 is much suitable for children or people with slim finger to play.

Gel Ball Blaster M416
Ferventoys™ Gel Ball Blaster M416

BTW, I was given an accessory set from feventoys, finding out that most of the blaster from them with the accessory adopter tracks and the infrared sight and flashlight can appropriately fit with the gun except the m416.

So for this simple product review, to know more details about the product, go to YouTube to watch more review videos.

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