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Ferventoys M4A1 Large Gel Ball Blaster with Drum

Ferventoys M4A1 Large Gel Ball Blaster with Drum

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Electric Gel Ball Blaster: Large-size splatter ball blaster gives you a more realistic and exciting shooting experience.Long range, extremely low failure rate, hardly your entertainment needs for hours. Note: The gel blaster gun with exquisite exterior paint is designed for Shooting, which has a little white spots.

Dual-Mode: Dominate the battlefield with our gel gun automatic firing mode, shooting up to 500 gel balls per minute. Switch to manual mode for precise shots, no enemy can escape!

Extra-Large Capacity: This Gel Ball Blaster has a capacity of up to 1000 rounds of drums and 400 rounds conventional ball feeder, Trible the sustained firing time! The Large capacity and long shooting range can give you a very real and fun experience. Tips: 1w gel beads to 4 liters basin of water-soaked, with the optimal state being beads soaked to a size of 7-8mm.

Upgraded Desgin: The Gel gun blaster with upgraded motor to ensure quality performance. Shoots 5+ gel balls per Second, up to 75ft range and doubled performance. Splatrball gun equipped with the upgraded version of large infrared and magnification. Also a big flashlight to ensure that you don't miss any situation in the dark.

Accessories Pro: Includes large-size M4A1 gel ball blaster×1, large capacity magazine×1, magazine×1, gel balls×50000, large infrared sight×1, large flashlight×1, magnification lens×1, goggles×1, bracket×1, battery & USB charging cable×1. If you have any problem with the toy gun you received within a month, feel free to contact us via Amazon and we will solve it for you as soon as possible.

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